Prestigious vines, make great wines

Located in the coveted south end of the Troodos Mountains, the TSANGARIDES vines nestle and thrive amongst some of the most picturesque scenery. In the beginning enormous effort went into site selection and the process of matching varietals to sites that matched the idea of distinctive wines, and accurately reflected the vineyard.

As we grew, we planted more and more sites with the result we now work with three vineyards which in total amounts to 100 Thousands square meters of organic vineyards, making them the biggest on the island. The all essential free draining soil of the vineyard forces the roots to grow deep, and deep rooted vines pick up more character from the earth.

The stony soil also captures and reflects the heat from the sun, and it's this combination of factors which results in more full bodied, complex, red wines. The Lemona valley experiences long dry autumnal days, ideal for the ripening of the fruit, and cool nights help retain freshness, with warm days building the concentration that delivers aromatic and fresh tasting white wines.